About Shorepine

Shorepine Village resembles the same in concept and philosophy today as when it was originally designed and built 20 plus years ago. Developers Jeff Shounds and Mary Jones designed the guided the development with a forward vision regarding building design, preservation of natural habitat, eco-friendly building materials, using natural indigenous plants in landscaping, preservation the night sky with no light interference are a few noteworthy aesthetics that make Shorepine unique. This resulted in Shorepine Village HOA Design Review guidelines. Consistency in following the original Design Review Committee guidelines has resulted in a quality community neighborhood that is reflected in its attractive and pristine setting that it is today. 
Clear design guidelines exist to protect all owners by preserving the attractiveness and therefore home values. While Shorepine Village homes vary in styles, the homogeneous appeal is further enhanced by simple expectations of no visual detractors, porches clutter free, tasteful house signs. as examples. This one size fits all aesthetic philosophy guides all requests. Strict guidelines regarding clutter, damage, decorations (ex.flags, outdoor lights, outdoor art) exist. However, the DRC work with homeowners on requests and will help with possible solutions to ensure that they can personalize their own little part of paradise in Shorepine Village. Just remember…ask first. Shorepine isn't for everyone unlike other developments. The conscientious attention to guidelines makes a difference.  Unlike other beachfront developments, homes in Shorepine don't include aging rowboats in the front yard , broken crab pots, purple garage doors, flags, outdoor lights, and other personal detractions.