Welcome to Shorepine Village, your premier beach community in Pacific City, Oregon. Shorepine Village is a friendly, beachfront neighborhood set among the rolling grass covered dunes, with beach access from our famous beach ramp and trail system. Enjoy the Oregon Coast!

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The Board welcomes volunteers to help with miscellaneous upkeep projects around Shorepine Village. Projects include:
Clearing / cleaning of pathways
Replacement of boards on ramps and boardwalks
Light tree trimming / landscape maintenance
If you are able to volunteer your time for the community, please reach out to the Board @ HOASHorepineVillage@gmail.com
Approval is necessary from the Architectural Review Committee:
If you want to make an alteration to any structure in Shorepine Village, including anything to do with the exterior of the house or property, including but not limited to roofing, gutters, staining or modifying your house, your garbage enclosure, fencing, decks, stairs, porches, and landscaping including tree removals. You do not need approval for
anything that is inside your home. 
Tree Trimming
All Owners and Townhome Owners need to ensure that all tree branches that contact the house or overhang the roof must be trimmed back at least 2 feet. Best time to trim is October/November.
The beach grass in the area is highly flammable. Fires are not allowed in the village. In addition, no parking is allowed on the grass due to fire danger. Please review the link to our fire rules.

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Upcoming Events

South Covered Bridge Repairs
Tuesday, February 27th to Saturday, March 9th
Repairs on the South Covered Bridge will begin February 27th and the bridge will be closed. This is part of our 2024 reserve spending.
Shorepine Village HOA Board Meeting
Tuesday, March 12th
Shorepine Village HOA Board Meeting