Renters' Information

We hope you have an enjoyable stay here in Shorepine Village. Please remember this is a community where we live and welcome you, please be courteous and treat our community as if it was your home. Here are a few items that are good to know.
Maximum Occupancy: Each home has a maximum occupancy that is designed by Tillamook County. No more than the maximum number of people (including children age 5 and over) is allowed in your unit at any time. Please read your home’s description to determine its maximum occupancy.
Parking: There is no on street parking in Shorepine Village.  Each home has a permitted number of parking spots.  If you need additional parking to accommodate extra vehicles, contact your rental company.  Note that if you plan to bring an RV, boat, or any type of trailer, contact your rental company for parking. Recreational vehicles are not allowed to be parked at your rental in Shorepine Village.
Quiet Hours: Quiet hours are from 10:00 PM – 6:00 AM.  Please be conscientious of your neighbors.
Sand Dunes: Our dunes are stabilized by a ground cover (typically carefully landscaped beach grass) that is easily disrupted by foot traffic. Please inform everyone in your party of the necessity to stay on paved trails and ramps.
Shorepine Path Access: Our path system is available to everyone. Please only enter the paths from access points off the paved roads. DO NOT ENTER the paths from the back of the rental property. This causes damage to the paths and may result in possible fines to the owner.